Water Pressure System

Water pressure system selection

The water pressure systems manufactured by us are made using our centrifugal and/or diaphragm pumps. In this way you can choose the water pressure system from a wide range of products with different flow rates and pressures.

WPS with electronic control :
The WPS QDCE series  are equipped with an electronic control device specially developed by our R & D division and it is the result of a collaboration with the most important shipyards. The electronic control allows the operation of a pump with DC motor 12 or 24 volts, by varying the number of motor rpm depending on the quantity of water required by the system and keeping the pressure constant . The QDCE system  has a smart logic that allows to reduce power consumption and monitors the following parameters: presence of water, current, supply voltage level, engine temperature and can reduce or even eliminate the expansion tank.

The autoclaves equipped with electric motor in alternating current have a frequency inverter that allows, by varying the number of turns, to maintain a constant pressure . The expansion tank may be reduced to a minimum volume . This series of autoclaves can be completed with touch screen display that allows you to visualzzare all functions and settings.

The autoclaves SP12 and SP24  series  are equipped with electronic pressure switch which , thanks to an integrated flow switch , prevent dry running of the pump. The logic of " stop delay" allows to eliminate the " water hammer ".


Autoclaves with electromechanical pressure switch :
The autoclaves with electromechanical pressure switch are those defined as " traditionals ", are in fact controlled by the system "pressure switch - expansion tank" and allow to maintain the pressure level to a value between the minimum and maximum set on the pressure switch. The expansion tank allows you to avoid the " water hammer " and keep the volume of water under pressure ( accumulation).

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Single system    









electronic control


AM60../..996 SP


 Twin system-WPS groups



Twin systems


amd 995



Twin system
with QDCE 
electronic control 

qdce oz


Twin system 
AM990../..997B -SP





Twin system 


at doppie